Embrace the Warmth Without the Smoke: Best Smokeless Fire Pits of the Year

If you’re seeking the best smokeless fire pits, you want easy choices, not smoke and mirrors. Our comprehensive reviews cut through the hype to deliver clear verdicts on the top models. From efficiency and design to portability, find the ideal smokeless fire pit tailored to your outdoor needs without wading through fluff.

A Quick Glance at the Finest Smokeless Fire Pits

There’s a broad spectrum of smokeless fire pits available in the market, each with its unique features and benefits. Let’s dive in and take a quick glance at some of the finest ones:

  • Best for rugged aesthetics: Titan Great Outdoors Steel Near-Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Best for camping: Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

  • Best for outdoor cooks: Breeo X Series

  • Best for convenience in upkeep: Tiki Patio Fire Pit

  • Best for small spaces: Cuisinart Cleanburn Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Best for adjustability and portability: Breeo Y-Series Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit is considered the best smokeless fire overall option. It offers exceptional performance and quality.

Best Portable Fire Pit for Camping: BioLite FirePit+

Price: $250


  • Constructed of enamel-coated stainless steel with a mesh frame and a removable ash pan.

  • Compact and eco-friendly dimensions of 27 x 13 x 15.8 inches.

  • Total weight of 19.8 pounds.


  • Advanced tech with Bluetooth control.

  • Air jet adjustment via an app.

  • Multiple fan speeds for a customizable smokeless fire experience.

  • Stainless steel grate for grilling.


  • Higher price point.

  • May produce some fan noise on higher settings.

The BioLite FirePit+ is an excellent portable option for camping, offering a great alternative to a traditional gas fire pit. It features:

  • Advanced tech with Bluetooth control

  • Air jet adjustment via an app

  • Multiple fan speeds for a customizable smokeless fire experience

  • Enamel-coated stainless steel construction

  • Mesh frame that promotes efficient combustion

  • 360-degree view

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Eco-friendly

This makes it ideal for camping.


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Performance: 4.5/5

  • Portability: 5/5

Best Budget-Friendly Smokeless Fire Pit: Inno Stage Smokeless Fire Pit

Price: $80


  • Integrated handles for easy transport.

  • Fuel-efficient.


  • Affordable and portable.

  • Easy to clean.


  • Reduction in burn time after 40 minutes.

  • Smaller size affecting flame power.

The Inno Stage Budget Smokeless Fire Pit is recognized as the best smokeless fire pit in the budget category for a backyard fire pit. It offers a modern alternative to a traditional fire pit, with integrated handles for easy transport, fuel-efficiency, and commendable affordability and portability. Understanding how smokeless fire pits work can help you appreciate the convenience value of this fire pit, which is easy to clean and has been positively received. However, potential limitations include a reduction in burn time after 40 minutes and a smaller size affecting flame power. Despite these small drawbacks, it’s a fantastic choice for warmer seasons or smaller gatherings.


  • Price: 5/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Performance: 3.5/5

  • Portability: 4/5

Best Design: Smokeless Fire Pit by Blue Sky

Price: $350


  • Modern and sleek design. It has the flexibility to burn both firewood and wood pellets, offering users a variety of options for fuel. This capability makes it a versatile and efficient heating solution.

  • Portable, with dimensions of 16 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide.


  • Elegant design.

  • Ambient lighting.

  • Use of a clean-burning gel canister.


  • Limited heat output.

  • Potential of a mild smell during use.

The Blue Sky Ridge Smokeless Fire Pit boasts the following features:

  • Modern and sleek sci-fi inspired aesthetic from the 1980s, appealing to design-forward enthusiasts

  • Constructed to endure fires up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Smokeless technology substantially reduces smoke emissions and contains embers

  • Provides a robust heat output

  • Flexibility to burn both firewood and wood pellets

  • Offers users fuel choice versatility


  • Price: 3/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Performance: 4/5

  • Portability: 4/5

Best Tabletop Smokeless Fire Pit: TerraFlame Wave Tabletop Fire Bowl

Price: $70


  • Modern, stylish design that is 10.875 x 10.875 x 6 inches.

  • Made from stone, weighs 15 pounds.

  • Protective cork base for safety.


  • Elegant design.

  • Ambient lighting.

  • Use of a clean-burning gel canister.


  • Limited heat output.

  • Potential of a mild smell during use.

The TerraFlame Wave Tabletop Fire Bowl:

  • Stylish and clean-burning tabletop smokeless fire pit

  • Modern, stylish design made from stone

  • Comes with a protective cork base for safety

  • Pros include elegant design, ambient lighting at night, and use of a clean-burning gel canister, which emits no visible smoke.


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Performance: 3.5/5

  • Portability: 5/5

Best Overall Experience Smokeless Fire Pit: Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

Price: $300


  • Double-wall stainless steel construction.

  • Efficient combustion, minimal smoke.


  • High heat output. It is easy to use and can be easily cleaned..


  • High price point.

  • Sides get very hot during use.

The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 provides an overall excellent smokeless fire pit experience, as smokeless fire pits produce significantly less smoke due to their engineered design to maximize airflow during the burn, making it a great alternative to traditional wood burning fire pit options.

Key features of the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 include:

  • Constructed with a double-wall stainless steel cylinder

  • Air holes positioned for optimal airflow

  • Enhances combustion and minimizes smoke

  • Ensures durability and high-quality design


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Performance: 5/5

  • Portability: 4.5/5

Navigating Your Smokeless Fire Pit Purchase

When purchasing a smokeless fire pit, several factors should be taken into account to ensure the best fit for your needs and preferences. Consider the following:

  1. Size, weight, and expected heat output of the fire pit

  2. Material of the fire pit for user safety and comfort with direct heat exposure

  3. Ease of use and maintenance

  4. Additional accessories to enhance the fire pit’s utility

  5. Portability and the fire pit’s design

These factors will help you make an informed decision.


In conclusion, smokeless fire pits are an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the warmth of a fire without the nuisance of smoke. Whether you’re looking for a portable option for camping, a budget-friendly choice, or a design-forward piece, there’s a smokeless fire pit out there for you. Remember to take into account factors such as size, weight, heat output, material, ease of use, maintenance, accessories, and portability when making your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top rated smokeless fire pit?

The top-rated smokeless fire pit is the Breeo X-Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit, known for its overall quality and performance. Go for it if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient option.

Are smokeless fire pits worth it?

Yes, smokeless fire pits are worth it because they use a special type of fuel that burns cleanly and efficiently, producing little smoke while still providing plenty of heat.

What is the best smokeless wood for fire pits?

To reduce smoke in your fire pit, use hardwoods like oak and ironbark, or softwoods like Australian cedar and pine as your main fuel. This can help minimize smoke production when enjoying a cozy fire.

Do smokeless fire pits put off much heat?

Yes, smokeless fire pits do put off a lot of heat, and they can be more efficient at producing heat than traditional fire pits. So, you can enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere with a smokeless fire pit.

What makes a fire pit smokeless?

Smokeless fire pits minimize smoke through double-wall construction, allowing for air to feed the fire and achieve secondary combustion. This design reduces smoke significantly.

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